How to afford more national debt

We came across this chart yesterday and thought it was pretty astounding.

In the past 9 years the US National debt has doubled from $9 trillion to $19 trillion.  The US borrows money by issuing US Treasury bonds.   Fortunately, although we doubled the amount of outstanding debt owed, interest rates also fell.   The net result is that the US government interest payments went from only $400 billion to $402 billion despite the massive increase in total debt to be serviced.

Bond guru Jeff Gundlach said this morning that he though the if the 10 year US Treasury went back to over a 3% yield (its currently around 2.5%), that would be a real problem for stocks and home ownership. You can add to those who would be troubled by increased interest payments, the elected officials who have to set a budget for the US Federal government. Oh yeah . . . never mind, who worries about a budget in Washington anymore?

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