Most “wealth management” firms today are diversifying to offer a wide range of products and services to their clients. The industry has evolved into generalists. Some advisors may be good at a few things, but very few are great at any one thing. We’re building Berkeley on the notion that our client’s want more focused advice. Thats why we have built Berkeley to deliver deep investment expertise to our clients. For us that’s the most logical way to make a difference in helping clients manage and protect their wealth.

Berkeley Intelligent Net Worth provides client’s and their families with a trusted guide to help them protect and grow their net worth. Berkeley Investment Officers customize and manage equity and fixed income portfolios.  They are also available to review clients’ private investments and capital needs to help them best manage all of their wealth.

For clients who need help with other areas of their Wealth, we have a network of outside experts we work with in various areas including; accounting, legal, insurance and lending.

Berkeley NextGen is our platform for younger entrepreneurs and professionals, those who are still primarily in the “wealth accumulation” phase of their careers, and want an investment approach that reflects their phase of life.  Berkeley NextGen clients get access to Berkeley’s customized equity and fixed income portfolios without high account minimum requirements to get started.

In addition the Berkeley NextGen provides financial planning and investment coaching to help NextGen clients grow their net worth intelligently.

Berkeley Intelligent Business helps small businesses establish and manage 401k retirement plans for their employees.   Our Intelligent Business team is available to review existing plans or work with entrepreneurs to implement a new benefits strategy.

Once the plan is established Berkeley Investment Officers will meet with the employees of the business to help them make investment decisions and construct 401k portfolios.