Investments First

We’re not a supermarket for “Wealth Management” services. We focus on the investment side of wealth, and then help our client families resource any other services they might need.

Independent Expertise

Most Financial Advisor’s today focus on gathering assets and outsourcing investments. Our Investment Officers are experts who actively manage portfolios with no conflicts of interests on how they advise clients.

Financial Planning

Some clients don’t have a financial plan, but would like one to help guide them to their goals. Our planning process creates a simple roadmap to keep everyone on track along the way.


Berkeley was founded on the notion that there had to be a better way to manage client investments than the trends we found on Wall Street. Our Investment Officers certainly aren’t your average “Investment Advisor.” Here are a few of the reasons why:


Berkeley Capital Partners is a Private Investment Office.

Berkeley Capital was founded in 2009. Client assets are custodied through Charles Schwab, which also provides client statements and online account access.

Berkeley is located in Atlanta, Georgia but works with clients around the country.

Meet the Team

Meet the folks who make Berkeley work.


“Active management strategies demand uninstitutional behavior from institutions, creating a paradox few can unravel.”

-David Swenson

Investment Services for Entrepreneurs

Equity Portfolio Management

Our Investment Officers personally build and actively manage clients’ investment portfolios. We have the freedom and independence to use a variety of global asset classes and avoid expensive third party managers, mutual funds and other investment “products.”

Financial Planning

Our planning process is simple and straightforward. Our goal is to create a roadmap to important milestones that will help keep everyone aligned and track our progress along the way.

Debt Portfolio & Credit Analysis

When building a personalized fixed-income portfolio, Berkeley carefully considers the credit, quality, and duration of every position. This includes an in-depth review of the Official Statement (OS) and a close look at comparable bond pricing before any trade decisions are made.

Private Investments

Most of our clients have created their wealth through small businesses and other private investments. Our Investment Officers understand the big picture and can help clients evaluate their private holding and new private investment opportunities. In some cases they can also help clients access capital.

Retirement Plan Strategies

We help our client’s who own businesses with the adoption and replacement of their retirement plans. As advisors, we help choose the best plans based on services, costs, and a specific business’ needs. And we continually help participants manage and review performance.

Resourcing for Additional Needs

We are Investment specialists but sometimes our clients need help with other wealth and financial related services. Whether its legal, accounting, lending or insurance, Berkeley has a list of trusted names we have worked with and will be happy to recommend.

Michael C. Eddy, Managing Partner

Sound investing requires one part knowledge and one part emotion – and knowledge is the easier part. A trusted advisor can make a huge difference for clients by simply giving them the peace of mind that someone is looking out for them.